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My husband and I live in the East Mountains and we are interested in doing bee swarms this year.  

We have done beekeeping for a year, and now want to advance to catching swarms.   We have seen them on You Tube, but would greatly appreciate an opportunity to ride along with someone.  We would be able to meet you at the location and have all of our own gear.

Would anyone be willing to show us how it's done?

Thank you so much.


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Its extremely fast in terms of how much time you habe. I live all the way in rio rancho if I called you when someone reported a swarm I'd be lucky if I'd make it 15 min away. Better to track down some of the swarm catchers in your area on the swarm list.

Hi Megan,

I live in the East Mountains up highway 14, past Paako. I am hoping to catch some swarms this spring and would be happy to have you and your husband join me. The only thing is that I don't have a huge amount of experience myself. I have caught 3 swarms before, in Northern Colorado. It's a very cool experience, but I still feel like a beginner!

Hello Sharolyn,

Thank you so much for the kind offer of a ride along.  We would be very happy to join you.  We have seen people catch swarms on You Tube, but we would love to see one up close and personal.

Can I message you our numbers?  

Thanks again for offering to take us.


Yes, please send me a private message with your phone numbers. I just sent you a "friend request" on the website, and I think you will have to accept that in order to send a private email.

I'll send you more info by email. :)


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