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Hello all:

So I am hoping to start up a topbar hive this year and I live in an urban area of ABQ around UNM.  I have been attempting to determine a good location for my hive in order to limit the people/bee interactions. I have a flat roof and was thinking that this might be a good option for my bees.

I was wondering if there are any other rooftop beekeepers who have any recommendations about keeping bees on a rooftop.  How do you deal with the wind and the hot hot sun in the summertime? Did you create some sort of shelter for your bees?  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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I have a top bar hive on my roof. I have a parapet that is about 4 ft tall that provides protection from the north, west and south. In the summer I shade the hive with a piece of flexible reed fencing. I raise it up over some one by fours, and I hold it down with bricks. So far, so good. If you have a deciduous tree that shades your roof, you could put the hive where it will get shade in the summer.

Let me know if you want to visit. I'm in the Northeast Heights.



Thanks so much for the info. My roof is really flat so I think I may have to do some wood work to set up something that would protect my bees enough; however, I am glad to know that they can survive up on a roof even with winds and heat.  

It would actually probably be great for me to see your set up if you don't mind.  Maybe sometime next weekend or the weekend after?  When would be good for you?  

Thanks again!


I don't know if you're still looking for info on this, but i know TJ  Carr keeps his hives on the roof, and it seems to work real well for him.  as i recall, they aren't shaded, but i could be wrong.  He'll likely be at the next beeks meeting on the 26th, so you could ask him then.

Kelly, I should be home gardening most of the day Saturday, March 24 (except while my daughter has a rehearsal downtown from 2-4). Message me via this site if you want to come over to see the hive on the roof. Oh, and TJ Carr has four hives on his roof and they are shaded. Two are shaded by solar panels and I think he built shade structures for the other two hives.


That would be great if I could come by tomorrow.  Could I come by around 11?  What is your address?  

Thanks again!


I Lived in Salt Lake City the year before last. The summer heat is about the exact same as it is in Albuquerque and the people who lived right next to us kept bees on the roof. the roof was really slanted but they had a stand that held it level right at the the pitch of the roof with no shade at all. I bet what ever you decide to do will be just fine. from what ive seen online and read in books just about anything works.. 


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