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Hello All, 

On inspection of my only hive 2 weeks ago and again today my hive population seems smaller. There is a lot of honey production, and many vacated (dark cells). I did not find the queen or capped brood, although many combs were heavily covered with workers. No evidence of disease or queen cells or dead bees on the ground.  I see many foraging around the property and their temperament was mellow on inspection. 

Less pollen is being carried in now than in the spring, but there are more wild flowers blooming, perhaps providing nectar.  

I am in the east mountains of ABQ at 7,000'

Has the Queen developed poor laying habits or is there a seasonal laying pattern? 

I'm interested in your conclusions.  


Jeannie Pace

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I have had several queens that took brood breaks during the height of summer.  Not sure if its caused by forage or other things like humidity or temp.  Now that it has cooled a little and we got some rains hopefully there will be a nice second bloom of all the monsoon adapted plants.

Thanks Jeremy, 

This is encouraging. I plan to inspect again this week and do a more serious search for brood and the queen. 



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