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Hi all

I just acquired a 1.7 acre plot in the East Los Lunas area -- I already keep bees nearby.  I can now plant new shrubs/ trees on the new land -- but this lot has no access to irrigation or hand watering hence the new plants need to subsist on rain/dew: Any suggestions?


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Here are two links for documents from a talk Prof. Tessa Grasswitz gave at the NM state bee meeting in 2012.  Fantastic talk:

All native plants, or nearly so, and many xeric.  The first document is comprehensive.  The second document has pictures of the best, and lists them by season of the year.  One of the big ones from her list was white and purple prairie clover, which I'm planting this spring.  I'm also going to be putting in whorled mountain mint.  The sunflower listed was incorrectly labelled; it should have been the annual sunflower.  The perennial sunflowers bloom/pollinate in the fall.  I have both the annual sunflowers (summer bloomers), and Maximilian and sunchokes (perennial fall bloomers).  Maximilians do well here.

I'm in a suburban neighborhood, and while my bees hit the white clover in the city park I live on, there doesn't seem to be copious supplies elsewhere.  I've only seen a "flow" of nectar twice in three or four years.  Once was this past summer, when it rained heavily and the clover was productive.  The other time was in the fall.  My neighbor's chamisa blooms in the fall, and the bees get a decent amount of supplies from it.  There's a couple of chamisas in his yard; one blooms before the frosts, the other after, which is useless.  I'm also planting yellow sweet clover in my yard, but I water a little.

Thank you so much -- I just got back to the topic and I do really appreciate your response -- I'll read the document and look into the plant reccos



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