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Selling Two Topbar Nucs, both with 5+ bars of honey/brood/workers and mated Queen

Contact Anita @ 514-4982 or reply to this forum. $200.

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Do you still have a top bar nucs?
If so I am interested in one

Hi Dorothy, I do. I need to get in there and make sure the queen is good to go. I am asking $200 for about 5 bars of workers, brood and queen. Please call me at 505-514-4982. I'll be heading out of town for 2 weeks, leaving Saturday. I hope to get them settled before I leave!

Thanks, Anita

Do you still have the nucs

I may have one, if you are still interested. Let me get in there and see if they are queen right...

Hi Rod, I have a lovely little nuc ready for you, beautful queen, some brood and lots of honey—for $200 if you are still interested! Call me at 505-514-4982.

i will trade bees for a top bar

Hi Ron,

wish I could, but I don't need the top bar hive...I need to move along some of my bees! Hope you find some bees!




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