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Does anyone know how long fresh bee pollen stays good in the refrigerator? I should have thought to put mine in the freezer, and now several months later I am wondering if there is anything I need to worry about it going bad... I had it in a little plastic container, still in the comb.

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Here's what The Natural Shopper says about processed pollen:

"Capsulated pollen if processed correctly, contains all of the nutritional content of the raw pollen but has a much longer shelf-life, typically 3 or 4 years. Bee pollen has no regulatory status, it is considered a food and not a herb or vitamin supplement."

I always keep mine in the freezer and temperature/moisture will play a role on how fast it breaks down. The other consideration is if you are saving it for your bees or yourself... Either way, you can let your bees inspect it. If it's bad, they'll leave it alone. If it's good, they'll bee all over it. Those bees are very smart by design. They beat super computers in shortest route algorithms, straight out of the box, every single time.


               Aaron Baca, novice bee keeper :)

Hi Kelly,

I use to believe that fresh pollen had to be refrigerated to keep it fresh.  This last summer I collected a lot of pollen in Los Lunas.  Since I eat pollen every day in yogurt I kept on my desk a plastic container of pollen.  I misplaced my container for months and when I found it I opened it up and began consumption again right where I left off.  I have noticed no change in flavor, no break down in quality, in fact it looks the same and tastes the same as what I still have in the freezer.  Last week I was feeding this same pollen to the bees in Las Cruces and left the container open while I was inspecting several hives and the pollen was covered with foragers that were rolling in the pollen trying to gather it up to take back to their hives.

Now, on the other hand I have found pollen I have left in glass jars at room temperatures that have had eggs of other pests hatch out after about a year.  Kind of like you get with stored product pests (meal moths) when you leave a bag of flower in your cupboard for over a year. 




Awesome, thanks Ed!!


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