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Well, I've run out of sunflower heads and stalks from my yard I've used for smoker fuel.  There's a good crop coming in this year, so I should be good for next year.  Does anyone have a good source of smoker fuel here in town, or would be willing to sell me a 5 gallon bucket's worth?  That should carry me through the rest of the year.

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I use an old hay bale. They old dried ones are really cheap

Thank you for the info.  I had tried using dried grass that we keep for the compost pile, but hadn't gotten it to burn well.  My wife played with this a bit more, and got it to burn.  That should carry us through this year, and we'll stockpile sunflowers for next year. 

I have a few sunflowers you can have if you want them. 

I appreciate the offer.  Our grass that we cut in April got us through the year, and now our sunflowers went crazy.  We should be good.


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