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With January 1st  right around the corner its a great time of the year to sit down and begin planning for Spring. Here are 7 things things to think about and begin working on to meet your Bee Keeping goals.

1. First and foremost find out if you have severe allergic reactions to bee stings. If you don't know for sure ask your doctor to test you for hypersensitivity to Honey Bee or Wasp stings.

Ok, your ready for your first Honey Bee colony, get started now, you need to...

2. Purchase or build a hive,
3. Order or acquire Honey Bees,
4. Find the Ideal Location for your hive, "Location" "Location" "Location",
5. Purchase or make protective clothing and equipment,
6. Treat the Frames or Bars of your hive with Beeswax,
7. Install a package of bees, or a swarm.

Sounds easy, if not give me a call we will be happy to help you with you bee adventures.

Uno Antigua Del Norte de Nuevo Mexico


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This is Maureen Arellano and I live in Corrales.  My question is there any regulations concerning bottling and selling of our honey at farmers markets locally?  Do we need any kind of food handlers or processing certificates?  Thanks for any answer you can help me with.


If you sell raw honey and have less than 25 hives,you are not subject to processing requirements in the Corrales, NM area, some vendors require department of health inspections to sell, if you offer samples be prepared and find out in advance if you they want an inspection certificate.  Some areas require a business license, if you are operating as a business or selling roadside. In general Farmers Markets are the easiest to sell at as they have usually worked out permits and they have a returning consumer base. Check with the markets you are planning on attending.  Some markets require applications and have minimum requirements for selling.  Competition can be tough so be patient it takes time to build a customer base. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

Thank you.


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