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Splitting langstroth 10 frame hive (swarm prevention)

I would like to get some advice on timing on splitting my 10 frame Langstroth hive. (Swarm prevention)

I would like to take two frames (4) to make 2 additional hives.

What date, this year, would be most likely to be successful?

I missed this past months meeting, so I wasn’t sure if anyone in ABQBeeks has started to open and check on their hives? Mine have been coming in and out for about a month now.

Plus, I interested in generate Queen cells to do queen rearing in mini-nucs?



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Hi Marc,

There's quite a bit here to explain and alot of your questions really depend on how your colony did as far as numbers/resource used this winter. 

I would personally need to put eyes on your hive to provide the right advice.

Feel free to shoot me a msg.

Im happy to come take a look. 


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