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I recently installed a package of bees in our backyard (Corrales).  Shortly afterward, we had a new arrival in the back yard - a summer tanager. He sits in the tree above the hive and dives down and picks off bees - like ducks in a rain barrel. From what I read, it seems that they don't do any significant damage to bee populations, but I thought I would check with you to see if anyone experience with a tanager and if anyone had a different view of these birds. Is a tanager a threat to my population in anyone's view?

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The tanagers, summer and western, are passing through and will be gone very soon. Enjoy the opportunity to see them while they are here.

Thanks Cullen.  They are a delight.  I appreciate your help.


Nice pics!

You'll be able to take great photos all summer long! The Westerns mostly are passing through, but the Summer Tanagers are here to stay and raise their young. I keep an "owl" on the fencepost next to the hives, which works only for awhile. Lovely to have nesting around us, and have to remember that they are native species while honeybees are not. 

I'm sure I have a nesting pair based on the flight patterns and tag team action.  I am getting some nice photos.  See attached.  

Thanks for the help Christianne!


Great photos, Ken!


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