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Bees are on a red Ford Focus at 8333 Comanche NE Apartment 5A.  The phone number is 505-353-2831.  I believe they just settled down so go get 'em!

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I called and went over to collect 'em. They were likely a swarm from a large hive in a nearby second-story awning, which had been sprayed by pest control. Hoping for the best....


What an awesome catch!  Hope they weren't sprayed with anything :(

How do you get a swarm off a car; do you have a bee vacuum?

They were on a lower fender, so I simply brushed them into a box, hoping the queen was part of the group and the rest of the gang would hang out with her.  After 30 minutes (and a few more rounds of brushing), there was a sizable collection of bees staying in the box, and those on the car or flying around had significantly diminished.  Ideally I probably should have left the box longer (overnight) to draw in the stragglers, but I didn't.  

Bee vacuum would have been better, but you work with what you got.  




OMG that's so cool!!


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