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Does anyone else think that there could possibly be a name rotation on the swarm list? Maybe I just think this because my last name is Viers but… if I ever hope to get any calls, I had better get married or something.  ;)

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I havent had any calls yet and I have flyers up all over and an ad on craigslist too. Hopefjl it will rain a bit and things will pick up. I have several empty hives....just waitin.

Hi Kate, that's a great idea. If you have the time to do the legwork, let me know. It takes a little bit of time to rearrange the alphabetical order and then repost. I don't know of any way to do a data rotation on Ning, but would appreciate any suggestions. 

I got lots of calls last year and none this year.  I think it is more the weather than the order of the names.

Ted Wilcox

kate, did you get your bees yet?this is ron

Hi all, just a heads up. I asked Joran Viers, with the NMSU Bernalillo County Extension about list rotation. He said that when someone calls 311 with a swarm call, and then gets transferred to Bern Co. Ext. they try and share with new people in the list. So, yes there is a swarm call rotation through that office. 


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