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Is it that time to sign up? Missed last year and don't want to miss again. Thanks Chris

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hello please dont forget to add my name to the swarm and cut out list 

ron brooks 505 804 6794, i will travel all around town and i

have no charge for swarm removal,can speak spanish.  

Hi Ron,
You are currently on both this swarm list and the cut out list. Both of these lists with your information on them will be posted indefinitely unless you ask to be taken off. These lists are only updated with new members.  Existing members remain year to year. Please check both lists at your convenience and let me know if any of the information needs to be updated. 

I’d like to go with on a swarm catch to learn how this is done. I hope to have a swarm trap and am interested in starting my beekeeping adventure with a swarm. 

I need a swarm. I spoke with you last evening a bit.

Suel Jones

505 918 3432


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