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I'm not sure who to contact so I'll post on the forum. I took the beekeeping survey and ended up on the bee removal page. However, I didn't get on the swarm list. Can that be changed? I work on KAFB so I'll take the Kirtland area.

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I also took the survey but could not find anywhere to get on the list am I on the list Mike Rafferty Mike the bee guy
That’s where I’m at. This site is so useless on a mobile phone I’m sure it didn’t take my responses. Not a big deal. I’ve been on the swarm list for years and have received one call. But all the beek leaders get dozens.


If you select 'Desktop View' from the top right menu you should be able to access things from your mobile device.  You're right, the 'Mobile View' is terrible.

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Michael Rafferty Mike the bee guy I'm in do all surrounding areas

Hi Mike,

We have to list you in one area of ABQ for the swarm list.  Please let me know what area you'd like to be listed under.  We see that you did the Practices Survey, so we are adding you--however, please realize that you did not fill out the 'Swarm Survey', and that is why you were not placed on the swarm list when everyone else was.

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