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In a 3 day period we captured 8 swarms in our apiary in Bakersfield. We have 144 hives here working orange blossoms as we raise queens and make nucs and splits to bring back to NM, AZ, TX & CO. I walk the orchard 2 or more times each day looking for swarms. I failed to do so the afternoon before and that morning. Upon returning from lunch I remember my need to look for swarms. As I did I came across this swarm leaving to go to a new permanent home. One half the swarm ha...d already lifted into the air so I quickly shook the limb they had been clinging to and the rest fell to the ground. I put a hive body (super) over them with a lid and hoped I had captured the queen. I did. You can see the step by step process of how I captured this swarm and relocated it to a new permanent home on our website at:…/Su…/Educational%20Videos/Swarms.htm

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I have an empty top bar hive ready to go for a new swarm.  Let me know. I would love to have them. 505-321-7571 


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