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Drum roll please…. the winners of the 2016 NM State Fair Honey Division are:

Honey Division 10
New Mexico State Fair September 8-18, 2016
Superintendent Laura Fiala

Cut Comb Honey
Section 127
Classes 342-346
343. Cut Comb, extra light amber
1st Antiguas del Norte
3rd Chase Bramer
344. Cut Comb, light amber
3rd Chase Bramer

Chunk Comb Honey
Section 128
Classes 347-351
348. Chunk Comb, extra light amber
3rd S. Johnson and S. Phillips

Extracted Honey
Section 129
Classes 352-356
352. Honey, white
1st Lara Lovell
2nd James Nickles
3rd Carolyn Hammack

353. Honey, extra light amber
1st Roger Lehman
2nd Michael and Tina Stalled
3rd Tom Lemaster

354. Honey, light amber
1st John Rainey
2nd Mike Griffin
3rd Valerie Roybal

355. Honey, amber
1st Janet Shagam
2nd John Rainey
3rd Lara Lovell

356. Honey, dark amber
1st John Rainey

Section 130
Class 357
1st TJ Carr
3rd Mike Griffin

Beeswax Products
Section 131
Class 358
1st Mike Griffin

Class 359
1st Jodi Hedderig

Section 132
Class 360
1st Carolyn Hammock

Commercial beekeepers have: any location or single bee yard North of I-40 where 15 or more colonies are located, or South of I-40 where 25 or more colonies are located.

Extracted Honey
Section 135
Classes 371-375

372. Honey, extra light amber
2nd Louella Costanza

373. Honey, light amber
3rd Louella Costanza

374. Honey, amber
1st Louella Costanza

375. Honey, dark amber
2nd Louella Costanza

Age 18 or Under

Extracted Honey
Section 140
Classes 389-393
392. Honey, amber
1st Cassie Noyce

Beeswax with Additives
Section 142
Class 396
1st Hannah Opel

1st Abigail Opel


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congrats everyone.


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