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Yep, it is that time, and in spite of the fact that I am a total gear head with many many projects, I plan to indulge in my long held interest in bee keeping. Another factor is that I learned to make meade which is enjoyable. However living in a country where pure is a legal term for not necessarily pure honey, "purity" may be a factor in the variable results I am getting.. The safety gear, smoker, and pry bar are coming next week and I have an old clean lab style coverall to round it out. I also have plans for a horizontal Langstroth horizontal hive which I intend to build. I'm wondering if anyone has done likewise in town.

Maybe there's not enough to start a hive this year but when I do I would like to scout around and find a good spot to put a hive trap. I'm curious to know about when in the season bees tend to swarm based on the idea that a fresh hive at that point has a good chance of being able to prepare for the  winter season and be harvest ready in the next season. Starting a log of questions and concerns to discuss when I meet others, and possibly offer volunteer work to participate in the process if anyone would be willing to have my help.

Also in the works, I will be putting honey suckle, blackberries and raspberries and maybe grapes in the back yard. I hope and look forward to the opportunity of meeting others in the beek community and seeing first hand what works in the local environment. Here's the link for the hives, some may already know of this site, feedback is appreciated.

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