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So I have a new swarm that's setting up in my Top Bar.  I inspected things last week & there were 2 combs that were stuck together.  Today I looked & now there's 3 built together on 2 top bars.  How do I separate without pulling them lose from the top bar?  

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I've had a hive build crazy combs. in the summer heat I made the horrible mistake of trying to separate them and everything collapsed. These days, I just leave them alone til Spring or move them to the back of the brood so perhaps they will use up the honey or the brood will hatch and then they'll fill it with honey and you can harvest it...I'm less insistent on my way these days, and let the girls sort it out until it's solved somewhere in the future:)

Hey Anita so I did try & separate them and you were right one come broke off.  I took some bailing wire & I actually tied the piece to a top bar.  When I inspected it the following week the bees had re-attached the comb to the new top bar.  I removed the wire & now everything is straight!!!  At least for now...... 

Well, 99% of being a beekeeper, like the bees, is to be adaptive and resilient:)


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