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Top bar nucs for sale! laying Queen with 4-5 bars of Brood honey and pollen $200 delivered in Abq!

Hola Beeks!

The bees I'm selling are from albuquerque and come from my best hives I've had over the years!

Shop local!! 

If you have any questions please send me an email!

Like I said above 200 includes delivery! If you would like the keep the nuc box and pick it up yourself I can add additional 100.. The nuc is 1/2 a hive 15 top bars! 

Thanks for looking!

Have a beautiful day!

Bee Chaser



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Do you still have a nuc available?  If you do, I would like to purchase one but I won't have the money until next Wednesday.


Yes I do I sent you an email! 

Thanks for the interest!! :) 


I will definitely call you next week.  Thanks.


Look forward to hearing form you! :)

I am so happy with the two nucs I received this morning.  After having so many problems with other methods of acquiring bees, this was the easiest method.  Your installation of the 2 nucs was so easy (for me).  It was flawless and the girls are doing great.  Thank you.

Maureen Arellano

Thank you so much! I'm very happy for your ladies! :) 


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