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Hi All -

We've been able to harvest a few bars of honey here and there. And so far I have just been tossing my wax since it has only been a little bit at a time and I just haven't had the time to deal with melting and cleaning it up.

So I was wondering, today, after harvesting a bit more honey, and all that wax was staring back at me, can I strain as much honey as possible out and then put all the wax in a plastic container and stick it in the freezer until I have a big enough amount to mess around with? Will this damage the wax/comb at all? I know that some langstroth folks put their comb in the freezer to get rid of (protect from?) wax I was wondering if this would be a solution...


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I don't think freezing hurts the wax any.  It is frozen at room temperature anyway, so a little colder makes little difference.


Yes, you can put it in the freezer until you have time to deal with it. Freezing the comb kills any wax moth eggs that are present.

I like to let the bees clean up the wax for me before freezing or melting. I put the crushed comb on a plate or tray in the garden, away from hives, in the shade, and let them at it for a few days.

You can fashion a fairly simple solar wax melter outside and melt your wax when you are ready.


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