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Hi ABQBKS  Ms. Anita called us GO GET SOME SWARM.

So we went to old town and got a swarm with a queen..(free bees)..

Now we would like to combine that swarm with our existing top bar bees who don't have a  queen.

Plz tell us how to combine two bee households in one top bar hive.

I understand in Langstroth hive we can use newspaper as a temporary divide to give the bees time to finally join together.

But top bar???? I can not picturize how to insert a newspaper divider there.

I heard some idea where you introduce the new group of bees in a packaged bee box which you place in the hive for a few days, spray both groups of bees everyday and finally open the bee box and hope they get along.

Any other idea plz call my wife Laurie Stevenson at 505 610 0171.

Or Mega Hirayama 505 888 6888 or email to this forum.

Bee happy

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