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I'm looking for someone wanting to do a trap out at a house I own (but am prepping to sell). The feral colony is in a cinder block wall - 37351_402695357615_3513239_n.jpg. The attached picture is from a busier time of year for them but shows the general situation; they have the entrance at the top of a wall corner. A box could be put on the perpendicular wall. The bees have done well - not aggressive, maintained a colony for about 10 years, provided swarms I've used in my hive and had others pick up.

They just swarmed on Saturday so are likely between queens - not sure whether that is a positive or negative for timing.

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Hey that doesn't see too bad, I could definitely try to get them today. If you want to give me a call we can plan it out. 505-550-2199 Thomas
It was good talking to you, I'm sorry I am not able to remove your bees. When you find someone would you call me, I'd like to see if I could film them removing the bees. I saw ch13's story about bees inside a wall and I would like to correct the misconception about honeybees. I work for ch4.

I'm Ben, a local beekeeper, please give me a call and we can see what can be done. (505) 301-7739



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