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A friend of mine messaged me about a bee problem at her house that is beyond my beek skills and desires.

"I need some bee help. They seems to be in my downspout/parapit in my house. They, i think, found a crack and are probably in my wall. ARRGG.. i need them to evict them but i don't want to kill them. Can you advise?"

I am about to leave town so hoping to hook her up with a trapbees artist before splitting. Any takers? PM me and I'll give you her contact info or vice versa.


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I could go take a look at them if no one else has already gone by. If you could text me or call me with some contact info I would be able to go by on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks Tyler


Thanks, Tyler. You are the only response so far. I passed along your phone number to Kim.

- Aly

call me , i can help you 8046794 ron

call ron b he can help you 8046794


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