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$420.00    We will have 30 Triple deep beehives with bees available spring 2019. Hives are on screened bottom board and are 10 frame equipment with 8 frames in the first two supers and a division board feeder in each super. The third super is a 10 frame super with Pierco plasticell foundation. Place the third super on your hive after you set it up in a permanent location. Hives are strong and have a fall 2018 queen. Hives will need this third super for honey production and swarm prevention.

This is a limited time promotion. This offer ends when we have sold all 30 Triple Deeps or November 21st whichever comes first. Payment in full must accompany order. We accept credit cards, cash and checks/money orders.

These hives are ready to make honey as soon as you get them. Take advantage of the spring honey flow then consider splitting them into 2 hives or up to 4 nucs after the flow. We make well over 100 pounds of spring honey with these triple deeps then split them in early summer. The equipment alone is worth over $260.00 without the bees, brood, honey, pollen and drawn comb.

Consider how long it takes to build up a package or a nuc to make honey the first year when you can start right off making honey/money with your bees.

We will deliver along selected routes. We have 52 years in the beekeeping business. All inquiries are handled by email initially.

We also have 300 packages of 3 pounds of bees with a 2019 marked Italian queen for sale and 300 4 frame nucs for sale.

We are listed with D & B. Below is our Dunns number. You can go to and do a business search. We are licensed to sell bees to the govt and we have been selling them over $50,000 per year since 2012.

Our listing is as follows:

Costanza Orchards
DUNS: 078354956 CAGE Code: 6MJE1       Status: Active

Expiration Date: 09/14/2019
Purpose of Registration: All Awards

A-Bee Honey/Costanza Orchards

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