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I have recieved some weird emails from supposed BEEKS about contacting them offline. It is a form letter email but with different members names.. Anyone know.what this is about?

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I have also recieved the same sort of phishing email.  Best not to respond.

I received the following message from a James Pollard,

"I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you..."

Pretty obvious it's a phishing attempt.  Just surprised a Beekeepers forum is being targeted by scammers.

Yes. That is the one. I agree with you. Weird they think this us a ripe place to pull a scam. Thank you for your answers and advice. Take care

I'm sorry about the phishing.  James Pollard was deleted from our membership.  Please let me know if anything else comes up.  Many thanks!

I received one from James Pollard today and one in September from a “Stella” that was worded exactly the same. 

I received the same email today.

Cynthia, can you please let us know who sent the email so that we can remove them?

Looks like a phishing expedition to me.

Looks like James Pollard is back because I got an email on Monday saying similar things.

Thanks Valerie!  Looking into this right now-


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