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4/13 UPDATE: We gave it our best shot in 2013 but have decided, due to overwhelming response, that we needed a bit more planning to accomodate the students and teachers interested. Our target launch is late fall 2013 for our first classroom meetings. We'll announce more on this website.


Great news! As promised, together with the NMSU BernCo Extension office and the City of Albuquerque Open Space, we're launching an Albuquerque Certified Beekeepers program in 2013 and I wanted to provide a quick update:

  1. This weekend, we're meeting with potential instructors regarding curriculum, schedule, etc.
  2. Next week, those of you who indicated early interest at our meetings and online will be contacted with details and the ability to confirm attendance for 2013 classes.
  3. If there are any spaces left, we'll open it up to everyone.

Our first class will take place in March 2013. Details about the program will soon be posted on the NMSU website. Here we go!

Special Thanks

Thanks to Joran Viers, Jodi Hedderig, Jessie Brown, Randy Swartz and Jerry Anderson for working on this program for the past 4 months with me. And to the NMBKA board for reviewing our program and offering helpful feedback and ideas.

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I do not have a beehive, but am considering starting one this spring. Would this class help me in learning what is involved and how to begin?

Mary Miesem


Hello Mary, thanks for being interested! We'll be publishing our curriculum in the next 2 weeks, but I believe that even the most novice pre-beekeeper will be supported. I have to be honest, though, that our early interest list is quite full, so there may not be room in this first class. If you want to be sure to get training for your first year, you might consider exploring other course offerings in town such as:

Thank you. I'll check them out.


Not to knock the class in any way ( I hope to attend if my schdual allowes) but 2012 was my first year as a bee keeper and I did ok with out any formal training.  Don't let the lack of a class put you off if your ready to jump in.


I read several books.  Two I liked were:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping  (librairy)

Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health  ( local beek)


Join the AbqBeeks and NM Beeks web sights.  I read the posts almost daily.


Attend the monthy AbqBeeks meeting and other functions (ask lots of questions)


Find a mentor through Abq Beeks to give you some hands hands on helping in their hive or your hive (Thanks Mike K for all your help!!)


Next thing you know your a bee keeper!!

Second the motion. I agree with Jeremy that taking a class certainly isn't necessary to become a beekeeper -- like Jeremy, I didn't take any classes either.

Depends on your personality and the way you like to learn -- beekeeping is definitely hands-on, so however you can get that experience, it will benefit you immensely.

I'm Sure Looking Forward to the Classes and Community Outreach ... Bzzzz

Good Morning!

My wife and I would be very interested in this certificate. Hope to here more soon.

Will the info be on the NMSU Bernalillo county extension site?


hi i would like to sign up please

please keep me posted...

Cool.. It's ON again.. Thank You to all that put this together.. 


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