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The base the supers are on is starting to cave in, and it would be better to move it to a new base, than to wait for it to tip over.  I need a couple of guys to come sometime in the next few days, and move at least two of the supers onto a new base. 

The bees have not been tended in some time (long story) but are tolerant of me poking around the hive.

As the supers have sagged, the bees have sealed up the gaps with propolis, so you'll need a good chisel.

I can pay a small amount of money, or you can take honey you find in the hive, or trade some other service. 

Is anyone available SOON in Paradise Hills?

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Can't you hear their little bee voices?  "Help uzzzz!"

Hi Hanna,

I would be happy to stop by tomorrow if you still need help. 

Let me know



Well that was interesting...  I'll let Darren tell you about it.

The short version is that Darren said told me that in 24 years of beekeeping, those are just about the most aggressive bees he's ever seen.  The only ones that compare are some Africanized bees he removed from someone's property.

When we started, he was wearing shorts and a light veil.  He ended up in the same level of gear as I started with. It was like those cartoons with huge clouds of bees attacking people. We had to get into his truck and drive out of range of the hive, fully suited, and then kill the bees that were still attacking us.

I really appreciate the help that Darren gave us.  This is our first beehive.  We didn't know how bad they are.

And I don't know if my hive swarmed earlier this year.  So there may be more out there.  If you plan to collect a swarm in the Paradise Hills / Ventana Ranch / Southern Blvd area, be careful.

Right on Darren for going above and beyond! Sounds like quite the adventure. 

The African bees are dead.  We gassed the little monsters.  There's still a few left, busily hauling carcasses out of the hive.  I think I'll let them do that all day, then squirt them with soapy water in the evening.

Hi HannaFate, be careful when you call mean bees africanized. The color differentiations and size are so closely related between Africanized and European, that you really have to send a sample to the lab to find out their genetic makeup. European hives without Africanized genetics can sometimes be quite nasty. 

Nonetheless, so sorry to hear about your loss and hopefully you can get your hands on a nice, sweet hive next year!

Darren took some samples to send in for testing.  We're waiting for the response.

I'm still unhappy about the bees.  The previous bees were good-tempered, but the colony was very weak in the Spring. The aggressive bees probably just took over.


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