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Hi all,

My husband and I have decided to start researching bees. We both do woodworking as a hobby, so we are planning to make a first run at building our own hives. What type of hives are the most commonly used? We'll probably make a few extra, so we wanted to pick something that others could also use as well!



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Langstroth and Top Bar Hives are the most common around here, although several people have Warres and I know of one or two who are trying out AZ Hives as well.

Top bar hives are often hand-made, which can create problems if you ever need to swap equipment. We are fortunate that TJ Carr has made his plans available for free should you decide that's the style you want to make.
(Not all TBHs have the TJ Carr dimensions, so it's important to make note when giving them away or selling them.)

I have a Top Bar myself.  I would like to try a Langstroth at some point. 


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