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My partner and I have been planning to start bee keeping. He gave me a hive for Christmas. This seems like the time to order our bees. Does anyone have recriminations for where to get our new friends?

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A good local place to start for a package of bees is    If you pay attention to this website, several other local beekeepers sometimes offer Nucleus hives and packaged bees for sale.  Order your bees early. 

I have 60 extra 3 pound Italian packages with queens coming in on April 11 (Wednesday) to Tucson, AZ from CF Koehnen. We will arrive between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. We will be in Mesa, AZ at 6:00 AM that morning. One of my large customers switch 60 of their packages to 50 singles hives. I expect these to sell out in 2-3 weeks because of the early delivery date we were able to get this year. You can go to our website at I will have about 150 queens at the same time if you need any.

I have a question what are some good starter bees that I can begin with i want some really kind bees any suggestions?


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