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There’s a group of us in Ramah who are wanting to order bees.  Does anyone sell Nucs?  How about package bees?  Do you know anyone who may have bees for sale this late in the game?  We live at 7,000 feet, so it's still winter here,  LOL. 



Zuni Mountains

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Some NM sources are: 

Potential sources outside of NM:

There are others but this will get you started.  Time is of the essence though.  Bees sell out early.


Randy, thanks for the links.  ;)



I am in a similar situation. I have been waiting to close on my house so that I would be all moved and ready to start my beekeeping adventures. Closing was delayed and I am just now getting settled and am late into the season for ordering my bees. It seems that most local nucs are already sold out and I may have to go with packaged bees, but I am wondering from more experienced beekeepers if there is a significant drawback to starting with packaged bees. In the future I would prefer to purchase locally but for now I will have to take what I can get.


I am interested in doing top-bar beekeeping and can build my own hive - but what challenges will I be facing with packaged bees?


Thank you for the advice!



Hi Kelly,


I make a top bar hive nuc for my customers.  Just email me the size of your top bar and I create a nuc that will fit your hive.   Go to my website is to view the queens I handle.


Hi Rhett,


I handle nucs for the area.  Go to my website at





I'll be giving you a call.  Thanks!




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