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when should be the last time we go into a hives before cold weather gets here be, in the HE Heights specifically? thank you all.

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It's no way to put a date on it.  I have had no problem opening my hives any time for the year as long as the weather that day was nice and the bee's were flying.  It all comes down to why you're opening the hive.  To me it is better to open a hive on a bad day and lose a few bees and brood than to lose the entire hive.  Sometimes we have to open them on specific days for treatment or such.  As long as there is no major rearangeing of the frames there should not be any problem with any work done on a nice day.  Once I had 5 hives the bears got into and the nights were in the 30s, they were scattered for a least one night and possibly two.  I had 4 hives when got them back together and they all survived.  To me the date is just a matter of the need to.  Dan

thank you Dan.


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