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I am ready to take honey from my two hives.  I'd like to find someone who would like to share an extractor that I will get from the NM Beeks Assn (thru Joe Wesbrook).  I am available July 16, 18 19 & 20.  Is there anyone who would like to join me?  We can extract at my home in the NE Heights or wherever it is convenient.

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I was thinking of getting in my hive Monday, and might have some to spin, but wont know how many till then.  Monday after lunch might work.  I am near San Mateo and Montgomery.



Jeremy, sorry I am late in replying.  On Sunday, I teamed with Harold Gonzales to extract our frames.  Took all day by the time I had cleaned-up the garage and bottled the 5 gallons I got.

I'm thinking I need to again extract possibly in another week or two.  I noticed my middle hive body was probably full, so I can let you know later this week if that is okay.  I'm returning the extractor to Joe Wesbrook today at 1:00pm.

Doesn't look like today worked out.  That is ok, I checked the girls today and there is still some brood in the top super. Hopefully in another week they will move out and it will just be honey in the 4th super.  They may even have a few ready to pull from the empty third undersuper I put in last week.

If you don't do it this week, I could play next monday, or an evening the week of the 23rd.

Have fun, Jeremy


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