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While checking the sugar water in my hives yesterday, I discovered many (20-30) yellow jackets inside one of the hives.  I have removed the sugar water which was a clear attractant.  I also reduced the door opening, but still yellow jackets coming/going without much trouble.  I think I should close off the door for a day to two to give the yellow jackets a chance to relocate.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!  Ken Duckert 369-1012

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Hey Ken yellow jackets are nasty and it takes a strong honey bee effort just to run one yellow off,they are bold and will enter

a weak hive by testing the doorway! They are hunters and scavengers and unlike the honey bee they dont die when they sting! you can see them searching the area around our hives looking for a weak honeybee to eat or larva to carry off.I have reduced my openings to  1 bee entrance,yellow jackets seem to stand colder temps than honey bees and are able to enter the hive and steal.I have an outside feeding station which allows me to smash many yellow jackets,if i were you i would lock my bees up for a couple of days and do battle with the jackets that show up or at least dont let your bees out till it warms up and you have more guards at the door also if you have heavy jacket trafficmaybe you could locate the hives direction and destroy it!

I currently have two active topbar hives, and have been seeing regular yellow jacket activity at the (reduced) entrances on both.  I opened both hives to check on 'em today, and was reassured to see a decent amount of bees and honey reserves, yet a decent amount of the black and yellow devils were present.  

YJs have been a nuisance all summer, but I haven't been able to locate a nest.  I'm hoping they'll die out over the winter, though I don't have anything to base that on.  

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!

Zig (

My name is Veronica Gurule and I have lost 4 hives to yellow jackets I have set up traps and caught lots of workers but their hives have about 5000 works per hive I barely dented their lively hood. this spring is the time the queens of the yellow jackets go out and that's the time to set out traps to catch the queens thus destroying their hives I'm hoping and have read up on this. Very disappointed on my lose


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