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ZQB 2013 Queen Availability: Starting April -September

We will have virgin queens available later this month (latter half of April)- which when installed into splits or for requeening, will then mate out with area drones.

We will have mated queens available later in June- after we fill our nuc orders.

AND, we have breeder queens, which are available for queen breeders, rearers and producers such that they can then use them to rear more queens to then share with the public.

We are indeed limited in our supply and our availability because we have limited hive #s. We share what we can when we can, but also need to recuperate our own numbers every season in order to do it again year after year. 

We highly recommend and encourage those of you who have been keeping bees for a few seasons to consider learning how to rear queens to better serve regional needs, pollinators and stewards. We will be offering workshops again later this spring and summer. AND, the Rocky Mountain Survivor Queenbee Cooperative, will be fundraising to develop more resources to better serve area beekeepers' needs. 

To place a reservation for queens- email or call us at, Tel: 505/929-8080

We are indeed a busy family so it may take a few days to get a response. 



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