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Well, well, it is now 2016 and we are officially starting our 11th year of service. It has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least- from starting with 50 hives back in 2005 to now running over 300 full size hives and 600 mating nucs each season. It may sound big but we are still very much a small two-person op. We now host interns and engage in various research efforts and outreach programs. We continue to learn and want to encourage the future generations of beekeepers and farmers to consider apiculture as a career path and form of livelihood (albeit humble and meager).

This season is different as some of our research "investments" are now coming to fruition....

We are opening up the reservations lines and supply is limited.
We have two "batches" we will be sharing this season:

1) Early season starter nuclei
ZQB-Wings Survivor Stock crosses: this is a project 5 years in the making as we continue to test out and propagate some early season queens in the foothills above Palo Alto near the Bay area with our associate Aiden Wing of To place a reservation for this limited supply (derived from ZQB-Survivor stock & mated with developing Northern California survivor stock), call Mark at 505.929.8080 or email us at Cost is $250. Starter nuc includes 4 combs of bees, brood, some food stores and a hive family that has nurtured their own survivor queen. Timing: we begin rearing in Northern California in early March- strictly adhering to a 5 week rearing protocol to ensure well-fecundated (mated) queens and proven layers. As such, this batch will be back and ready to share with area beekeepers the latter half of April.

2) ZQB- NM Survivor stock starter nucleus hives will be ready come late May. We begin rearing in northern NM in mid April. Cost for starter nucleus hives is $250 and comes with 4 combs of bees, brood, some food stores and a freshly mated queen born and bred in northern NM.

3) We will also be offering queen cells, virgins and mated queens to those who want to make their own splits or for requeening from both areas. Call for details or visit our blog at

4) We will have mated queens from our ZQB-Wings outcrosses available starting late April. Then we'll have ZQB-NM survivor stock available late May-September. Cost is $45/each (marking included).

5) We also offer Enchanted Empress Breeding Companions which are selected and bred from our oldest survivors in our home mating apiary in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Cost is $200/each (includes 2-day guaranteed Express USPS Shipping).

For nuc orders, call Mark at 505.929.8080
For queen orders, call Melanie at 505.901.2102

or email us at

Hap-Bee Beekeeping!

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