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Howdy neighbors,

Anyone want to meet for dinner one day at O'Niells early in May and talk bees?

Which evening would work for you the first week in May?

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Sounds good to me! Any day but Tuesday the first. Thanks for organizing.

Sounds great. Any day other than Tuesday is good for me. Also many thanks for all your efforts. Saturday was inspiring and wonderful.

Sounds great to me.  The only days that work for me are Sunday, Monday or Friday.  Sat works as long as it no earlier than 6pm.

Hi all, what about Thursday 5/10 at around 6:30pm at the Nob Hill Flying Star?

Thursday doesn't work for me.  If that's the only day then guess I'll have to make it another time.

Alas, it's the only day that works for me between now and the 14th.

We could always schedule for later in May or hope you can join us next time, Judith!

Sounds good.  Let me know about the next gathering of 87108 Beeks


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