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Fully operational Langstoth hive with glass sides to view the hive operation as a whole, not just a few frames. The top is removed with a protective screen to observe from the top down as well as being able to feel the atmosphere and heat generated. Educational value is tremendous while not overly impacting the hive during displays.

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I've always wanted to build a portable hive that is heavily glassed for better viewing.  I like that that it's a functioning hive without being too intrusive.  What does the front of the hive look like?  Is there a removable screen over the entrance?  Thanks for sharing. 

The front is standard except for the glass (covered in this pic). Place a travel block that screws down for security when out and about.
I would love to learn how you built this and help in construction.

A friend is interested in having a glass hive- asked about putting it outdoors. Told her would make it difficult for bees to control temperature. Extra hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Basically not year-round outdoor hive. Comments. Also  anyone know of (1) construction plans, and (2) commercial availability. 

This sounds amazing! Are you still active? Would I be able to visit you and your hives?

As many folks warning me about heat and cold. This hive has been outside in my yard since last march, no issues durring summer, and I've put foam covers over the glass to add a layer of insulation durring the winter. Girls had enough honey and pollen to last through the winter as fall checks indicated. So far they are doing well.  

If interested in the plans, I can definitely  assist in that.  This hive is good for either in or outdoor occupancy. I grew up with one in our living room with it plumbed from the back to the outside.  Kept them active all year with a top feeder a fixed year round.

Thank you for the info! I would love to take a look at these plans. 


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