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Our Langstroth hives have had some great success and we had a great harvest last week, we bottled over 200 lbs of Honey,  from the spring and early summer honey stores, 11 Lbs of creamed honey and and about 80 clamshells of foundation less comb honey, we still have another 50 lbs to extract, some will go for medicinal usage, cosmetics and creamed honey, We run essentially treatment free with survivor stock and hygenic commercial stock to improve mite resistance, no chemicals or powdered sugar, about 50 percent foundation less frames, our only treatrment is screened bottom boards on about 1/3 of our hives, still not convinced of screened bottom board effectiveness, but the ventilation is handy. We have avoided usage of stains, we do use low voc paints to preserve woodenware.  We are processing wax into raw 4 ounce portions and preparing propolis tinctures and capsules. We collect pollen for our own use, and we hope to expand pollen collection next season as well as expanding our medicinal honeybee by products. The hives we have harvested from were left with a significant honey stores, over ,50 lbs. We opted to use our Early springs harvest on the Bees so it went back into Bee production, our Bees are healthy and active, we plan to test for varroa soon, hopefully we will see acceptable mite loads. Unacceptable results will result in artificially swarming hives and requeening along with heavy cedar smoking. 

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Awesome!  Thanks for the updates! 


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