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My husband and I are new to beekeeping and we are looking to find someone who is going treatment free to give us some advice. We have 2 langstroth hives started from nucs this spring. Advice would be welcome.

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I don't think there are many successful beekeepers that are treatment free.   That's a good way to kill your bees and propagate disease in the process.  

First start out by recognizing that keeping bees in a box is not natural.  I don't care if it's a Langstroth or top bar.  Bees in the wild do not live in human built wooden boxes except perhaps by chance.

My advice is to read every book you can get your hands on, not just those that jive with your ideas of how it should be done.  When you're waiting on books or between chapters, watch every video you can.  I'd start with the series by Keith DeLaplane.

Thanks Bob for your advice. I have been reading and watching since I got my bees and will look into the series you recommended.

That's the whole series.  It's a little out of date (no mention of Varroa Destructor for instance), but otherwise is excellent.   

Finished watching the series last night. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Tom Seeley's article on Darwinian Beekeeping in the Natural Beekeeping Trust newsletter: and the Bee Audacious website offer exceptional resources. 

Please feel free to come visit us in the Zuni Mountains.  We are treatment free.  To learn more, here's our website: 


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