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Hello All, 

Finally living a dream by installing my first package of bees two weeks ago. I gave the gals 9 days to settle in before making an inspection. 

I limited the hive to 8 bars as a starter.  I expected comb to be on a few but was truly amazed to find fully drawn comb on several.  Before closing the hive I expanded the hive area to 12 bars.  (A little worried that is a lot of space to heat now that the weather in my location has dropped to the 20's at night.) 

The inspection raised some questions I have not found the answers to so I'm asking my ABQBeeks experts. 

Can you provide some answers to these questions please? 

1.  Several bars had fully drawn comb (see attached picture) and appeared to have honey, pollen, eggs and capped brood. However the comb was covered with workers making it difficult to see under and between them.  During an inspection, is it ok to brush the bees off to clearly see the comb? 

2. Will the comb have a generalized pattern of material?  For example from top to bottom will I find capped honey, honey, pollen, brood? 

I appreciate your taking the time to share your knowledge, 


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Bees don't like bee brushes; just blow on them and they'll move out of the way. :)

Thank you.  I didn't want to ruin their work or make them mad. 

In a perfect world you will find the 'rainbow' of honey, pollen, brood.  Not every frame is perfect though so sometimes you won't and that isn't something to worry about unless it's a problem like no brood at all or absolutely no honey stored anywhere.


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