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Bee Removals

Please Note: 

A company calling itself “New Mexico Bee Removals” is representing itself as being associated with the New Mexico Beekeepers Association, which it is NOT!  Their website also indicates that they are “New Mexico Beekeeper Certified”, which they are NOT!

As beekeepers, we provide a public service removing swarms and bees.

If you have a honeybee colony that has taken up residence inside of your walls, inside of a fence, within your roof, etc, please use this list to find a beekeeper who can safely remove the bees. 

Name Telephone Do you charge?  Which do you do? Do you speak Spanish? 
Dennis Muirhead 505-293-5122 No Cut outs No
Bill Rowland 505-228-5541 No Trap outs No
Robert Casey 505-720-6572 No Trap outs No
Ron Brooks 505-804-6794 No Cut outs Yes
Lara Lovell 505-604-5088 Yes Cut outs / Trap Outs No
Vincent Brothers 505-250-7757 On a case-by-case basis Cut outs Yes
Andy Duran 505-255-9700 No Cut outs Yes


For Bumblebee or Native Bee questions, please call Lu Lu Sage (Bumblebee & Native Bee Specialist) at 505-550-1529.

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