Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

Bee Removals

As beekeepers, we provide a public service removing swarms and bees.

If you have a honeybee colony that has taken up residence inside of your walls, inside of a fence, within your roof, etc, please use this list to find a beekeeper who can safely remove the bees. 

Name Telephone Do you charge?  Which do you do? Do you speak Spanish? 
Dennis Muirhead 505-293-5122 No Cut outs No
Bill Rowland 505-228-5541 No Trap outs No
Robert Casey 505-720-6572 No Trap outs No
Ron Brooks 505-804-6794 No Cut outs Yes
Lara Lovell 505-604-5088 Yes Cut outs / Trap Outs No
Vincent Brothers 505-250-7757 On a case-by-case basis Cut outs Yes
Andy Duran 505-255-9700 No Cut outs Yes


For Bumblebee or Native Bee questions, please call Lu Lu Sage (Bumblebee & Native Bee Specialist) at 505-550-1529.

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