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Below is information about New Mexico bee and queen breeders.  This information is subject to change.  Call to get updated information.

Zia Queen Bees

Order ZQB 2022 Packages, Starter Nucs, & Additional Queens

This year marks the 18th anniversary of Zia Queenbees Farm here in New Mexico and also the 10th anniversary of our collaborative early spring bee breeding projects in the Santa Cruz coastal mountains of Northern California. We receive inquiries about our bees, the timeline, and the process and so here's some info for the curious....

Due to our high elevation and the late frosts, rearing bees in the early part of the year in northern New Mexico isn't possible. Despite the warming temps in March which begin to thaw the mountain snows, all that cold air comes racing down the canyons into the valleys and April tends to chill again. We have learned the hard and expensive way that trying to breed bees too early in this part of the world is detrimental to the bees....and so, in 2011 we began journeying to Northern California to visit with other queen producers, share and learn from each other,  and to share bee breeding stock.

That year we met an aspiring bee breeder and the following year, he invited us to bring some of our breeders to his mating yards. For 5 years we bred some early season queens there and helped him to develop his Northern California survivor stock. We kept all of those initial queens for evaluation and began testing them here in northern New Mexico to see if they demonstrated adaptive behaviors that were conducive to our environment. To our delight, they were and continue to be. Then in 2017, we began sharing these early season bred queens (which are Northern NM queens mated with Northern California drones in the Bay Peninsula Preserve).

This year marks the 5th anniversary of these shared queens and we continue to breed and share them with beekeepers here in New Mexico for those wanting bees earlier than our local climate will allow for successful breeding. We go out to the preserve starting in late January with some of our breeders so they can fatten up on the eucalyptus and rosemary and wildflower nectar flows to begin rearing queens in March. It is an arduous and expensive process vs. flipping bees from larger producers whose breeding programs may not be conducive to handling the diversity and adversity of our New Mexican landscapes.

If interested in ordering some of these packages and starter nucs with our NM derived bees and queens, we have opened up our ZQB 2022 Packages, Starter Nucs, & Additional Queens Payment po... As a smaller outfit, we like to share with our area beekeepers first and foremost.

Got questions, email us at or call us at 505.901.2102 or 505.929.8080

Weez Bees - Local Queens

Gerald Weesner of Weez Bees in Rio Rancho is offering New Mexico mated and laying queens from survivor stock. Call or email for availability.


San Juan Apiaries Nucleus Colonies

5 Frame Nucleus Colonies Available $375

Information about package bees

Standard deep frame equipment only. Not suitable for Top Bar hive application.

Genetic Stock: Overwintered San Juan Carniolan / Russian X & VSH Sourced Queens, USDA Baton Rouge

5 frame colonies will consist of laying queen, and a minimum of 2 ½ -3 deep frames of brood of her heritage, along with adequate honey and pollen stores, and 1 frame of drawn comb or partial foundation for expansion.

No deposits (Limited Quantities) Pick up to be arranged for beginning of May.

*If you have your own nuc box I will be glad to set the bees into your equipment for your pick up.

Order by email or phone: Please provide your name, location and phone number. Email with questions or for additional information. Pick up only in Santa Fe.


San Juan Apiaries



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