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Report a Swarm

How to Report a Bee Swarm in Albuquerque

The following people collect honey bee swarms in the Greater Albuquerque area.  A phone call is the best way to get the beekeeper there quickly before the swarm departs. Keep in mind that most beekeepers on this list will travel further than the areas they are listed in,

Please call ASAP.

Please ask the beekeeper whether there is a charge for their time, fuel, or assistance.


Name Telephone Area Have you captured swarms before?
TJ Carr 505-263-3025 Anywhere East of Rio Grande Yes
Lara Lovell 505-604-5088 Downtown/Old Town Yes
Kate Hollander 505-550-2042 Downtown/Old Town Yes
Joan Lasche 505-238-6064 Downtown/Old Town Yes
Sharolyn Eitenbichler 970-213-1098 East Mountains/Cedar Crest/Tijeras Yes
Amy Owen 575-496-0518 East Mountains/Edgewood/Tijeras/Moriarity Yes
Thomas Vigil lll 505-639-9038 East Mountains/Edgewood/Tijeras/Moriarity Yes
Brett Rimer 505-450-5204 East Mountains/Edgewood/Tijeras/Moriarity Yes
Megan and Peter Kennett 505-609 7520 East Mountains/Edgewood/Tijeras/Moriarty No
Sara Bergert 505-377-9813 East Mountains/Cedar Crest/Tijeras Yes
Vincent Brothers 505-250-7757 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Carlos Martinez (505) 907-6614 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Bill Rowland 505-228-5541 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Dennis Muirhead 505-293-5122 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Joe Crawford 505-259-9939  NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Justin Griffin 505-463-3812 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Konnie B Nelson 505-410-9498 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Ryan Kowal 505-796-2244 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Smith R. Frederick 505-362-1582 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Mike Fickling 505-228-7869 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Josh Lucero  505-288-5515 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Bruce Burnham 505-720-5796 NE Heights/Uptown No 
David Bellows 505-263-1138 NE Heights/Uptown No
Mike Rafferty 505-321-4241 NE Heights/Uptown/West Side Yes
Matt Strong 505-504-4139 NE Heights/Uptown/West Side Yes
Marc Jonson 505-916-1324 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Lisa Roberts 505-331-2888 NE Heights/Uptown Yes
Kendra Brock 541-154-4605 North Valley No
Christopher McLaren  505-331-4638 North Valley/Downtown or/Nob Hill Yes
Kirby House 505-401-6059 North Valley,/Downtown/Nob Hill Yes
Bob Thomson 505 280-4351 North Valley/Los Ranchos/Old Town Yes
Christianne Hinks 505-270-8878 North Valley/Los Ranchos/Old Town Yes
Lee Gamelsky 505-362-4113 North Valley/Los Ranchos/Old Town Yes
Luke Murphy 505-306-7248 North Valley/Los Ranchos/Old Town Yes
Robert Trujillo 505-344-1704 North Valley/Los Ranchos/Old Town Yes
Kate Hollander 505-550-2042 North/South Valley Yes
Rhea Trotman 505-294-5487 North Valley/Los Ranchos/Old Town Yes
James W. Fitzgibbon 505-412-7870 Rio Rancho/Corrales/Bernalillo/Placitas Yes
Johnathan Peer 505-620-7530 Rio Rancho/Corrales Yes
Ken Duckert 505-369-1012 Rio Rancho/Corrales Yes
Becky Pierce 505-898-4668 Rio Rancho/Corrales Yes
Stephen Black 505-310-3548 Sante Fe No
Charles Sanchez 505-720-1085 South East/Fair Ground/Kirland AFB Yes
Susan Reed 505-877-2877. South Valley/Barelas  Yes
John Thomson 505-450-2878 South Valley/Bareles Yes
Ken Reese 505-966-6676 South Valley/Bareles Yes
Ron Brooks 505-804-6794 South Valley/Bareles Yes
Annette Colbert 505-250-0902 South Vallley/Barelas Yes
Joan Lasche 505-238-6064 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes
Kathy Grassel 505-715-9796 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes
Anita Amstutz 505-514-4982 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes
Joan Lasche 505-238-6064 UNM Area/Nob Hill  Yes
Pam Sedillo 505-804-1197 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes
Ken Tabish 505-220-2087 UNM Area/Nob Hill/Downtown/Old Town Yes
Dion & Beth Sanchez 505-917-8766 West Side Yes
Jennifer Davis  505-269-6974 West Side Yes
Carolyn Hammack 505-280-9802 West Side Yes
Ronald Nolte 505-221-6789 West Side No
Adrianna Jackson 505-492-6904 West Side  No
Justin Armstrong 505-515-7515 West Side/Rio Rancho/Corrales Yes

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