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San Juan Apiaries / 5 Frame Nucleus Colonies

San Juan Apiaries / 2020 Nucleus Colonies

5 Frame Nucleus Colonies Available

We will again be offering 5 frame nucleus colonies from our local overwintered stock.

Standard deep frame equipment only. Not suitable for Top Bar hive application.

Genetic Stock: Overwintered San Juan Carniolan / Russian X & VSH Sourced Queens, USDA Baton Rouge
5 frame colonies will consist of laying queen, and a minimum of 2 ½ -3 deep frames of brood of her heritage, along with adequate honey and pollen stores, and 1 frame of drawn comb or partial foundation for expansion.
$340.00 ea. No deposits (Limited Quantities) Pick up to be arranged for beginning of May.
*If you have your own nuc box I will be glad to set the bees into your equipment for your pick up.

Order by email or phone: Please provide your name, location and phone number. Email with questions or for additional information. Pick up only in Santa Fe. 

San Juan Apiaries

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Comment by Dr Sheree Jederberg on January 12, 2020 at 12:18pm


I'm interested in one nuk. Could you tell me how to order and pick them up-why in May? Could I not get them in April?



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