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North American Beekeepers Conference in Galveston, TX (January 4-9)

My wife, Louella and I attended the North American Beekeepers Conference that was held in Galveston the first week of January and have many thoughts and highlites to share with those who may have questions.


The two most important lessons we brought back from the conference that would help all of us is:


    1.  We must feed our bees a protein source when there is no pollen coming in.


     2.  It is critical we re-queen every year. 


One large beekeeper (8,000 hives) who does nothing but pollinate crops all year long (with minimal honey production) said that he changed out 1/2 his frames every year so that none of his frames were older than 2 years old.  He explained the problems of pesticide build up in the cells along with other diseases and viruses.  This makes me ponder the added benefit of using the top bar hive as a beekeeping management practice to help our bees survive. 

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