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WAS Conference in Santa Fe.  SO-O-O-O-O-O MUCH INFORMATION

As a librarian I want to share where to find the information that was shared with us at the WAS conference. This comes with some editorializing:)  Thank you to the New Mexico Beekeepers Association for the assistance you provided to me so I could attend this conference.   If anyone has questions about my notes below please contact me.  Annette


EDUCATION - quantum physics, quantum biology, chemistry, bee anatomy and genetics, medicine (apitherapy)

- Dr.  Valerie Solheim – energy fields to strengthen your bees and protect them -

- Dr. Steve Sheppard – history of Euro bees in the New World, breeding, collection and dissemination of germplasm (semen), cryopreservation of semen -

- Dr. Brad Weeks – doctor in Albuquerque, any of us can have a fatal allergic reaction no matter how many times we have been stung, health benefits of venom and honey  -


- the three young ladies from Canada and Hawaii, their businesses and willingness to experiment with alternative  beekeeping practices and educate/share with children and adults.

Christina Yahn

Jenny Bach

Jen Rasmussen

 - Mark Spitzig – local bee breeder  and what Zia Queens is looking for and planning for the Spring -    and

 - Les Crowder – local, long time top bar beekeeper -

 - Dr. John Kefuss – Varroa mites, international studies, how he conducts his studies and information to address our FEAR as  beekeepers if we don’t treat.



-       the bees, the commercial beekeeper, the backyard beekeepers and humankind

-       Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk – internet cautions -  I AGREE AS A LIBRARIAN -  a new sound deivce to try to determine what your bees are saying

-       Liz Huxter winters hives at high altitude British Columbia, some very interesting ideas  for colder climates

-       Dr. Gordon Wardell – bee nutrition, what they need to thrive, DEMAND CLEAN WATER  -

-       Joran Viers – NM extension  shared his view of urban beekeepers and their neighbors and the neighbors swimming pools, dogs and children.




Dr. Eric Mussen – chemistry of pesticides, What we don’t know about how they interact with each other and other substances (inert ingredients, mixtures and solutions) and how much MORE DANGEROUS pesticides can be than we know  -


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